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Unten stehend finden Sie die stetig aktualisierte Publikationsliste des Fachgebiets. Für einen Überblick über die aktuellen Veröffentlichungen besuchen Sie auch unser Fachgebiet auf ResearchGate: Fachgebiet Dynamik und Betrieb technischer Anlagen


Optimization of a Membrane-Absorption System for the Removal of CO2 from OCM Product Gas

Esche, E and Müller, D and Song, S and Wozny, G

6th International Conference on Process Systems Engineering (PSE ASIA 2013), accepted for publication 2013

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Optimization of a Membrane-Absorption-Hybrid System for Removal of CO2 from OCM Gas

Esche, E and Müller, D and Song, S and Wozny, G

Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Process Systems Engineering (PSE ASIA), 27. 2013

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Energy, Equipment and Cost Savings by Using a Membrane Unit in an Amine-Based Absorption Process for CO2 Removal

Song, Shankui and Esche, Erik and Stünkel, Steffen and Brinkmann, Torsten and Wind, Jan and Shishatskiy, Sergey and Wozny, Günter

Chemie Ingenieur Technik. Wiley Online Library, 1221–1227. 2013

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Experimental evaluation of an approach to online redesign of experiments for parameter determination

Barz, Tilman and Lopez Cardenas, Diana C and Arellano-Garcia, Harvey and Wozny, Günter

AIChE Journal. Wiley Online Library, 1981–1995. 2013

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Model based optimization of the intermittent aeration profile for SBRs under partial nitrification

Bournazou, MN Cruz and Hooshiar, K and Arellano-Garcia, H and Wozny, G and Lyberatos, G

Water research. Elsevier, 3399–3410. 2013

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Performance Analysis of a Porous Packed Bed Membrane Reactor for Oxidative Coupling of Methane: Structural and Operational Characteristics

Godini, HR and Gili, A and Go rke, O and Simon, U and Hou, K and Wozny, G

Energy & Fuels. ACS Publications, 877–890. 2013

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Design and demonstration of an experimental membrane reactor set-up for oxidative coupling of methane

Godini, HR and Trivedi, H and de Villasante, A Gili and Görke, O and Javso, S and Simon, U and Berthold, A and Witt, W and Wozny, G

Chemical Engineering Research and Design. Elsevier, 2671–2681. 2013

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Dual-membrane reactor for methane oxidative coupling and dry methane reforming: Reactor integration and process intensification

Godini, HR and Xiao, S and Kim, M and Görke, O and Song, S and Wozny, G

Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification. Elsevier, 153–164. 2013

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Techno-economic analysis of integrating the methane oxidative coupling and methane reforming processes

Godini, Hamid Reza and Xiao, Shengnan and Javso, Stanislav and Stünkel, Steffen and Salerno, Daniel and Son, Nghiem Xuan and Song, Shankui and Wozny, Günter

Fuel Processing Technology. Elsevier, 684–694. 2013

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Model-based identifiable parameter determination applied to a simultaneous saccharification and fermentation process model for bio-ethanol production

Lopez, C and Diana, C and Barz, Tilman and Peñuela, Mariana and Villegas, Adriana and Ochoa, Silvia and Wozny, Günter

Biotechnology progress. Wiley Online Library, 1064–1082. 2013

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Direct Numerical Simulation for an Assessment of the Correlation Between Heat Release Rate and Chemiluminescent Species in Turbulent Premixed Flames

Feichi Zhang, Henning Bonart, Peter Habisreuther, Henning Bockhorn

Joint meeting of the British and Scandinavian-Nordic Sections of the Combustion Institute, 23-24. 2014

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Experimentelle und theoretische Analyse der dominierenden Wärmetransportmechanismen einer rollenden Kugel auf einer Platte

Brösigke, G. and Herter, A. and Rädle, M. and Repke, J.-U.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik. WILEY-VCH Verlag, 1628–1629. 2014

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Optimal operation of a membrane reactor network

Esche, Erik and Arellano-Garcia, Harvey and Biegler, Lorenz T

AIChE Journal. Wiley Online Library, 170–180. 2014

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MOSAIC: An Online Modeling Platform Supporting Automatic Discretization of Partial Differential Equation Systems

Esche, Erik and Müller, David and Tolksdorf, Gregor and Kraus, Robert and Wozny, Günter


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Hydroformylation of 1-dodecene in microemulsions: long-term mini-plant operation results

Müller, David and Esche, Erik, and Pogrzeba, Tobias and Hamerla, Tobias and Barz, Tilman and Schomäcker, Reinhard and Wozny, Günter

20th Int. Conf. Process Eng. Chem. Plant Des., 15–23. 2014

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