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Following the links below you find a continuously updated publication list of our group. In order to have an overview of our current publications please visit d|b|t|a's page on ResearchGate: Fachgebiet Dynamik und Betrieb technischer Anlagen

Sterilization of Medical Products from Collagen by Means of Supercritical CO2
Zitatschlüssel Herdegen2014
Autor Volker Herdegen and Alexander Felix and Roland Haseneder and Jens-Uwe Repke and Kathrin Leppchen-Fröhlich and Ina Prade and Michael Meyer
Seiten 1891–1895
Jahr 2014
DOI 10.1002/ceat.201300679
Journal Chemical Engineering & Technology
Jahrgang 37
Nummer 11
Monat jun
Verlag Wiley
Zusammenfassung Abstract Collagen is increasingly used as material for medical devices because of its excellent biocompatibility. To achieve long?term durability, the collagen materials are dried and subsequently sterilized. Most common sterilization methods are unsuitable as they cause denaturation. Currently, only ethylenoxide or ? irradiation preserves the microscopic and macroscopic collagen structure. However, both methods require high safety standards and include the risk of uncontrolled crosslinking or cleavage of protein chains. Here, supercritical carbon dioxide is used for the sterilization of different collagen devices. Thereby, the influence of pressure, temperature, sterilization aid and dosage, and different operation modes is determined. The method is a promising alternative to existing sterilization techniques.
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