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Following the links below you find a continuously updated publication list of our group. In order to have an overview of our current publications please visit d|b|t|a's page on ResearchGate: Fachgebiet Dynamik und Betrieb technischer Anlagen

Microemulsion Systems as Switchable Reaction Media for the Catalytic Upgrading of Long-Chain Alkenes
Zitatschlüssel Pogrzeba2017
Autor Tobias Pogrzeba and Markus Illner and Marcel Schmidt and Jens-Uwe Repke and Reinhard Schomäcker
Seiten 459–463
Jahr 2017
DOI 10.1002/cite.201600140
Journal Chemie Ingenieur Technik
Jahrgang 89
Nummer 4
Monat mar
Verlag Wiley
Zusammenfassung Abstract The application of microemulsion systems as switchable reaction media for the rhodium?catalyzed hydroformylation of 1?dodecene is herein reported. The influence of temperature and the selected surfactant on the reaction kinetics was investigated. In addition, the feasibility of a process concept for these reaction systems was tested within 100?hours continuous mini?plant operation, showing similar product yield and reaction selectivity as on the lab?scale. Alongside, a stable steady state operation was achieved, showing an efficient phase separation and recycling of surfactant and catalyst.
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