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Following the links below you find a continuously updated publication list of our group. In order to have an overview of our current publications please visit d|b|t|a's page on ResearchGate: Fachgebiet Dynamik und Betrieb technischer Anlagen

Esche, E., Müller, D., Song, S. and Wozny, G. (2013). Optimization of a Membrane-Absorption System for the Removal of CO2 from OCM Product Gas. 6th International Conference on Process Systems Engineering (PSE ASIA 2013), accepted for publication

Esche, E., Müller, D., Song, S. and Wozny, G. (2013). Optimization of a Membrane-Absorption-Hybrid System for Removal of CO2 from OCM Gas. Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Process Systems Engineering (PSE ASIA), 27.

Kerber, J. and Repke, J.-U. (2014). Analyse eines Membrankontaktorverfahrens mit dichter Membran für die Biogasaufbereitung. Chemie Ingenieur Technik

Henrion, R., Li, P., Möller, A., Steinbach, M.-C., Wendt, M. and Wozny, G. (2001). Stochastic optimization for operating chemical processes under uncertainty. Springer.

Börner, J.-H., Herdegen, V., Repke, J.-U. and Spitzer, K. (2015). The spectral complex electrical conductivity of the three-phase system sand/pore water/CO<sub>2</sub> at elevated pressures and temperatures. SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts 2015, 3129-3133.

Müller, D., Illner, M., Fleck, A., Esche, E., Barz, T., Schomäcker, R. and Wozny, G. (2014). ENABLING ONLINE-OPTIMIZATION FOR A MULTIPHASE SYSTEM IN A HYDROFORMYLATION MINI-PLANT.

Müller, M.-T., Thielert, H., Richter, D., Repke, J.-U. and Wozny, G. (2010). Experimental investigations on Biodiesel as an alternative absorbent for the recovery of aromatic hydrocarbons under industrial conditions. Proc. of the Distillation Absorption Conf, 671–676.

Lorenz, H., Staak, D., Ghedini, M. and Repke, T. G. a. J.-U. (2017). The Pipe-in-Pipe-DWC - Increasing the process efficiency with a novel design of a dividing wall column..

Arellano-Garcia, H., Barz, T. and Wozny, G. (2007). Robust Set-Point Optimization in Close-Loop Control Systems. The 2007 Annual Meeting

Herdegen, V., Mäurer, H. and Repke, J.-U. (2017). Aufreinigung von Naturwachsen mittels überkritischem Kohlendioxid..

Arellano-Garcia, H., Barz, T. and Wozny, G. (2006). Process Optimization and Control under Uncertainty, A Chance-Constrained Programming Approach. Proc. International Symposium on Advanced Control of Chemical Processes

Grahl, F., Herdegen, V., Beitlich, N., Speer, K. and Repke, J.-U. (2017). Steigerung der wertstofflichen Nutzung von Biertreber durch den Einsatz von Membrantrenntechnik.

Arellano-Garcia, H., Martini, W., Wendt, M., Li, P. and Wozny, G. (2003). Chance constrained batch distillation process optimization under uncertainty. FOCAPO, Proceedings, 609–612.

Arellano-Garcia, H., Wendt, M., Barz, T. and Wozny, G. (2007). Close-loop stochastic dynamic optimization under probabilistic output-constraints. Assessment and Future Directions of nonlinear model predictive control. Springer, 305–315.

Deuerling, J., Braun, F., Kapoustina, V., Hien, H., Nachtmann, M., Rädle, M., Bonart, H. and Repke, J.-U. (2017). Bestimmung von lokalen Konzentrationsprofilen in bewegten Fluidfilmen mit Ramantechnologie..

Barz, T., Arellano-Garcia, H. and Wozny, G. (2006). Robust online optimization based on controller performance metrics for a high-pressure distillation column. Institution of Chemical Engineers Symposium Series, 954.

Barz, T., Arellano-Garcia, H. and Wozny, G. (2008). Implementation of optimal decisions in the presence of uncertainty. 17th world congress the international federation of automatic control, 11931–11936.

Barz, T., Arellano-Garcia, H. and Wozny, G. (2007). Robust implementation of optimal strategies accounting for controller performance and uncertainty. European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering-17. Elsevier, Bukarest, Rumänien

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