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Following the links below you find a continuously updated publication list of our group. In order to have an overview of our current publications please visit d|b|t|a's page on ResearchGate: Fachgebiet Dynamik und Betrieb technischer Anlagen

Resource Recovery from Low-Grade Ore Deposits and Mining Residuals by Biohydrometallurgy and Membrane Technology. Potentials and Case Studies
Zitatschlüssel Arite
Autor A. Werner and K. Meschke and K. Bohlke and B. Daus and R. Haseneder and J.-U. Repke Jens
Seiten 6-17
Jahr 2018
DOI 10.1002/cben.201700019
Journal ChemBioEng Reviews
Jahrgang 5
Nummer 1
Zusammenfassung Abstract The recovery of strategic elements from secondary mineral sources and low?grade ores is of increasing relevance due to a changing global market as well as for reasons of sustainability. The present article shows the potential of biohydrometallurgy as an effective technology for mobilization of metals from secondary sources. Furthermore, the application of membrane separation as a successful technique to recover metals from bioleaching solutions is presented. These issues are discussed within the scope of recent research projects.
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