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Following the links below you find a continuously updated publication list of our group. In order to have an overview of our current publications please visit d|b|t|a's page on ResearchGate: Fachgebiet Dynamik und Betrieb technischer Anlagen

Simulating separation of a multiphase liquid-liquid system in a horizontal settler by CFD
Zitatschlüssel Misra2017
Autor A. Misra and L.-G.-M. de Souza and M. Illner and L. Hohl and M. Kraume and J.-U. Repke and D. Thévenin
Seiten 242 - 250
Jahr 2017
ISSN 0009-2509
DOI https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ces.2017.03.062
Journal Chemical Engineering Science
Jahrgang 167
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